Terms and Conditions

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We are licensed advance reservation agents for ticket booking.

Vienna Event Tickets is a new ticketing company, operating in global markets, providing ticket sales and distribution through www.vienna-event-tickets.com



1. Conditions of Use and Copyright (©)

The Vienna Event Tickets website is updated and revised continuously. Any found inaccuracy or error found will be corrected right away.

The user is completely responsible for any access to the Vienna Event Tickets website, to recommended sites of third parties, as well as for the use of available data.

It is categorically prohibited to distribute, transmit, reproduce, display and publish, content, data and information provided by the Vienna Event Tickets (©) website, integrally or partially, with commercial purpose.


2. Privacy Policy

Client's personal data will be used only to accomplish the purchasing process of the requested products and, if allowed by the user, to inform him/her of products traded by Vienna Event Tickets. The data supplied will never be transferred to third parties or used for other purpose than that mentioned above.


3. Data Security System (SSL-Modus)

Purchase, private data, and data necessary to payment of purchased products are processed by SSL-mode (Secret Socket Layer Mode), an encrypted security system which prevents third parties to have access to those data. The page address is always initiated by “https://”.


4. Wrong Data

Vienna Event Tickets does not assume any responsibility for delivery to wrong address or loss of products, or for delay in its delivery, or any other error during client's request processing, if such fault arises out of incorrect filled-out data.


5. Limited responsibility

(Changes in Cast, Program, or Time-table)

As a facilitating agent, Vienna Event Tickets has limited responsibility. If it turns out to be impossible to deliver the paid-for product due to any technical reason, Vienna Event Tickets will refund the received value to the client.

Refund does not apply to changes in schedule, cast or time-table.


6. Event cancellation or change of date.

It is responsibility of the event organizer to inform about its cancellation, postponement or change of place.

Refund will only be due in case of cancellation of the event and will amount to the cashed-in value deducted from processing cost, such as mailing cost, surcharge and administrative fee.

We chash-back only what we cash-in from the event organizer.

Travel expenses, accomodation and transfer costs are of exclusive responsibility of the client and are not elligible for reimbursement.

Vienna Event Tickets bears no responsibility for changes introduced by the organizer.


7. Purchase and Return of Products

Once request has been submitted, by Internet, e-mail, telephone or fax, the client will receive notice as to the status of his/her order in no more than two weekdays. When processing is concluded, the client will receive e-mail confirming the purchase, including a receipt and, if due, the respective voucher. If is not possible to confirm purchase of the ordered product, similar products will be offered, in which case payment will be concluded only after acceptance by the client.

Concluded orders cannot be cancelled or changed.

Choice of seats is not possible.

No reimbursement or indemnization will be due but for those cases previewed under item 6.


8. Payment

Conditioned upon agreement with the “ TERMS AND CONDITIONS” will the client have his order being processed, what means that he/she authorizes Vienna Event Tickets to automatically charge the value of his/her order on the informed credit card.

Accepted credit cards: VISA, Mastercard


9. Tickets obtaining

For client's ease and comfort, three options of delivery of bought tickets are offered:

a) At event's place. The client will receive an RESERVATION CONFIRMATION by e-mail in order to get the tickets at event's place.

b) At hotel - address filled out during purchase.

c) At adress provided by the client

Vienna Event Tickets does not take any responsibility for loss, wrong delivery or delay of the products sent handed-over to authorized messenger.


10.Reservation Confirmation

Vienna Event Tickets disclaims any responsibility for loss, diversion, or misuse of the Reservation Confirmation by the client.


11. Pricing

The prices offered by Vienna Event Tickets and listet in the website include taxes and additional madiation fee. The surcharge is determined by the performance,by the quality of the seat,by the moment status of the market, the demand and the availability of the tickets.

On the ticket is monitored the original price. The client is agree to pay extra fee for our brokering and mediation services.

The surcharge could vary from app. 20% till 500%.

10% VAT is included in the endprice of the Tickets.

20% VAT is added to the price of the Delivery Costs.


12. Seats

Seats are guarnteed in the category monitored in our seating plan. The client decides and chooses by himslef which category he would like to book, depending on what is available.

We do not promise particular seats (row Nr. , place Nr etc).

We guarntee and confirm only the category.