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Simon Boccanegra

1.04.2019, Mon 19:00


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SCHEDULE 2019/2020
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    Simon Boccanegra

    Giuseppe Verdi
    Vienna State Opera
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DIRIGENT Philippe Auguin
REGIE Peter Stein
BÜHNE Stefan Mayer
KOSTÜME Moidele Bickel
Simon Boccanegra Plácido Domingo
Fiesco Kwangchul Youn
Gabriele Adorno Francesco Meli
Amelia Eleonora Buratto

Paolo, the leader of the Plebian party, persuades Pietro to support the nomination of Simon Boccanegra for doge of Genoa. Boccanegra arrives and agrees to stand, thinking that Fiesco would then allow him to wed his daughter, who is being held prisoner in her fathers gloomy palace because she bore Boccanegra an illegitimate child, Maria.

Pietro rallies support for Boccanegra. Fiesco enters, stricken with grief over his daughters death (Il lacerato spirito – "The tortured soul of a sad father"), but he does not reveal this to Boccanegra who accosts Fiesco and begs his forgiveness. Fiesco promises clemency only if Boccanegra lets Fiesco have his granddaughter. Boccanegra explains he cannot because the child has vanished. As the people hail Simon as the new Doge, he finds the body of his beloved......

At the end Paolo is condemned to death for leading the uprising against the Doge. Fiesco is released from prison. Paolo tells Fiesco that he has poisoned Boccanegra. Fiesco confronts Boccanegra, who is now dying. Boccanegra recognizes his old enemy, but is happy to tell him that Amelia is his granddaughter. Fiesco feels great remorse and tells Boccanegra about the poison. Adorno and Amelia, newly married, find her father and grandfather have reconciled. Boccanegra asks that Adorno be named his successor, and after the Doge dies, Fiesco proclaims it so.
  • Simon Boccanegra Vienna State Opera vienna opera concert tickets staatsoper wien
  • Simon Boccanegra Vienna State Opera vienna opera concert tickets staatsoper wien
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